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Sun, 25 Sep - Arrive Pontedera at your leisure & check-in at hotel

Mon, 26 Sep - Breakfast, pick up scooters, ride as desired, Welcome Dinner

Tues, 27 Sep - Morning, Piaggio Museum, then depart for Elbe.  Check-in at hotel.  (Map)

Wed, 28 Sep - As you see fit touring Elba

Thur, 29 Sep - Morning Ferry back to mainland, ride to Poggibonsi, check-in at hotel  (Map)

Fri, Sat, 30 Sep - 1 Oct- Ride as you see fit

Sun, 2 Oct -  Ride to Bagni di Lucca, check-in at hotel  (Map)

Mon, Tues 3 - 4 Oct - Ride as you see fit or enjoy the thermal springs

Wed, 5 Oct - Ride to La Spezia check-in at hotel  (Map)

Thurs, 6 Oct - Ride as you see fit or experience the Cinque Terre

Fri, 7 Oct - Return to Pontedera, Turn in Scooters, check-in at hotel, Farewell Dinner  (Map)

Sat, 8 Oct - Depart as you desire

"As you see fit" means you are free to ride solo, arrange or join group rides, sight see or relax as you see fit.  The only "required" activities are check in and check out at the hotels and relocation between cities.  If you wish, you can travel between cities with the group, or on your own.

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