The Basic Rally package will begin at the hotel in Pontedera, Italy (home of Vespa and Piaggio).  You are on your own to get there, and simply must arrive any time on Sunday, the first day of the Rally.  If you want to arrive in Pontedera early, or visit Firenze or Venice beforehand, the travel agency can book this for you.  Travel advice from your point of arrival to Pontedera will be in the Participants' Forum.  It's simple to get there by train from anywhere in Italy.

The hotel is a short walk from the Pontedera train station.  On Monday, we will have a hearty breakfast, pick up our scooters and ride to the Piaggio Museum - after all, why would you come to Italy and miss Piaggio?  From there we will ride to four different cities, spending a couple of nights at each city.  Thus, the pattern will be a day of scenic cross country riding followed by a day or two where you are free to explore, relax or do anything you wish on your own.  There will be a farewell dinner on the final Friday night.  The travel agency has optional add-ons in Firenze or Venice if you wish to extend your stay to see those cities.   The travel agency is at your beck and call for assisting you.

For a detailed itinerary, CLICK HERE   

We will have a small van for baggage.  Exact baggage limitations will be provided in an information sheet when you are ready to book your reservations.  Plan on the van carrying one medium (24 in x 14 in x 10 in) suitcase per person, or one large (26in x 18 in x 11 in) suitcase per couple - your choice.  Anything else will have to be packed on your scooter!

Other than the point to point rides between cities, the tour is not rigidly structured.  And, you can develop alternate routes between cities if you wish.  Suggested riding routes for each area have been developed for your use, but again, you are free to do your own thing.  In short, this will be, to the greatest extent possible, YOUR holiday.

We have the Rally Participants' Forum for you to discuss and propose activities on your own, as well as to get answers to any questions you might have.  The travel agency participates in the Forum.

Preliminary Routes on Google Maps - CLICK HERE

Feel free to contact us and ask questions.

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